Pediatric Nutrition

These programs respond to a long-time interest of the Foundation in assuring adequate nutrition for infants and young children. Projects include applied research that evaluates the provision of specific nutrients and their related outcomes in infants and young children.

Typical projects funded in this area of interest may include projects aimed at:

  • Benefits or side effects of supplementation of a specific nutrient
  • Effects of deficiencies or excesses of a specific nutrient
  • Timing and dosing of supplementation

Issues related to general growth and feeding Recent projects include:

Monique Gardner, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

$80,842 over 2 years to study mechanisms of poor growth in infants with single ventricle heart disease.

Amy Hair, MD
Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston

$349,998 over 3 years to study targeted fortification of protein in very preterm infants.

David Kaufmann, MD, PhD
University of Virginia, Charlottesville

$121,000 over 1 year to study the safety and tolerability of lactoferrin supplementation in preterm infants.

Nancy Rodriguez, MSN, PhD
Northshore University, Chicago

$347,728 over 3 years to study the efficacy of oropharyngeal mother’s milk in extremely low birth weight infants in preventing late onset sepsis