2015 Research Awards

Boston Children’s Hospital (Paul Tannous, MD) $20,000

Boston MA

MicroRNA-mediated regulation of pulmonary angiogenesis following surgical palliation of children born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Boston Children’s Hospital (Kimberly Mills, MD) $19,977

Boston MA

Resting energy expenditure in neonates with critical congenital heart disease following cardiac surgery

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (Jennifer Shepherd, MD) $20,000

Los Angeles

Early caffeine in preterm neonates

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (Aaron Reitman, MD) $20,000

Los Angeles

Evaluation of iron overload in neonates who receive ECMO

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Robyn Stamm, DNP CPNP ) $20,000

Cincinnati OH

Screening infants with single ventricle physiology for abnormal cardiopulmonary patterns during sleep

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Laura Brower, MD) $19,618

Cincinnati OH

Testing and empiric therapy for neonatal herpes simplex virus

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Catherine Forster, MD) $19,984

Cincinnati OH

Urinary NGAL deficiency in patients with recurrent urinary tract infections

Cornell University (Cora Best, PhD) $19,720

New York NY

Does improving maternal-fetal vitamin D status impact markers of inflammation and immune function in the newborn

Duke University (Kate Hoffman, MD) $220,198

Durham NC

Immune function in children exposed to organophosphate flame retardants

Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Michael Arnold, MD PhD) $43,788

Columbus OH

Identification of prognostic markers in Rhabdomyosarcoma

Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Pablo Sanchez, MD) $220,000

Columbus OH

Rotavirus vaccination in infants in the NICU

Northshore University (Nancy Rodriguez, PhD APN) $347,728

Chicago IL

Efficacy of oropharyngeal mother’s milk: late-onset sepsis in ELBW infants

Oregon Health and Science University (Weronika Crescini, MD) $19,999

Portland OR

Efficacy and safety of acute normovolemic hemodilution in pediatric cardiac surgery patients

Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital (Peter MacFarlane, PhD) $281,466

Cleveland OH

Inositol supplementation for the treatment and prevention of apnea of prematurity

Sharp Mary Birch Hospital (Anup Katheria, MD) $209,818

San Diego CA

Measuring function and development of the preterm newborn brain via multimodal neuromonitoring during birth resuscitation

Stanford University (Lisa Wise-Faberowski, MD) $330,000

Palo Alto CA

Anesthesia and the developing brain: a comparison of two anesthetic techniques

St Louis University (Joyce Koenig, MD) $204,070

St Louis MO

Th17-mediated inflammation and vitamin D status in chorioamnionitis

University of Rochester (Javed Mannan, MD) $20,000

Rochester NY

Effect of chest shielding on PDA in premature infants undergoing phototherapy

University of Southern California (Michael Goran, MD) $349,997

Los Angeles CA

Effects of human milk oligosaccharides on the developing infant gut microbiome and adiposity changes in early infancy

University of Texas Southwestern (Luc Brion, MD) $349,999

Dallas TX

Optimizing individual nutrition in preterm very low birth weight infants

University of Virginia (David Kaufman, MD) $121,000

Charlottesville VA

Safety and tolerability of lactoferrin in very low birth weight infants

University of Washington (Evgeni Sokurenko, MD PhD) $297,250

Seattle WA

Rapid diagnostic assay to guide empirical selection of antibiotic agents for pediatric urinary tract infections

Wayne State University (Nitin Chouthai, MD) $229,238

Detroit MI

Trial of early versus peri-extubation caffeine for extremely low birth weight newborns



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