2017 Research Awards


Albany Medical Center (Kate Tauber, MD) $6,136

Albany, NY

The efficacy of intravenous acetaminophen on patent ductus arteriosus closure in preterm neonates


Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (Aaron Hamvas, MD) $340,158

Chicago, IL

Epidermal Wearable Patch: An innovative solution to the lack of continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring in the NICU


Children’s Hospital Boston (John Kheir, MD) $349,994

Boston, NY

Hungry for More: Applying the growth chart concept to the care we provide following congenital heart surgery


Children’s Hospital of Michigan (Neha Bansal, MBBS) $20,000

Detroit, MI

Bi-ventricle function assessed by speckle tracking echocardiogram in neonates born to mothers with clinical chorioamnionitis


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania (Daniella Erez, MD) $20,000

Philadelphia, PA

Identification of immune bio-markers of acute kidney injury: identifying the injury before long term damage


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Michael Tchou, MD) $19,999

Cincinnati, OH

Preventing unnecessary repeat blood tests in infants and young children


Marshfield Clinic (Jeremy Forster, MD) $313,528

Marshfield, WI

Intranasal application of a xylitol solution to reduce the incidence of Acute Otitis Media (AOM) in pediatric patients less than five years of age


Oregon State University (David Dallas, MD) $349,998

Corvallis, OR

Determining limitations in premature infant protein digestion capacity via digestomic analysis


Penn State University (Steven Hicks, MD) $349,263

Hershey, PA

Bioactive RNA in infant nutrition: a novel regulator of developmental origins and allergic response


University of California (Christina Chambers, MPH, PhD) $109,992

San Diego, CA

Detection of marijuana metabolites in human milk


University of California (Lawrence Prince, MD, PhD) $275,877

San Diego, CA

Machine learning approaches for discovering the molecular basis of neonatal lung disease


University of Rochester (Bridget Young, MD) $348,790

Rochester, NY

Local intestinal and systemic effects of exposure to elevated insulin in human milk


University of Minnesota (Emily Nagel, MD) $20,000

Minneapolis, MN

Use of bedside ultrasound to assess premature neonatal body composition in the NICU


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Stephanie Hsu, MD) $11,930

Dallas, TX

Exogenous melatonin administration for primary prevention of delirium in critically ill pediatric patients: A Pilot Study


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