Pediatric Research Focus Areas

The Foundation’s mission focuses on infants and young children. Accordingly, priority is given to projects that improve the nutrition, care and development of infants and young children from the first year before birth to three years of age.

The Foundation is particularly interested in fresh approaches to solving common, everyday problems or emerging issues within our defined focus area. Projects should focus on issues faced by care providers that, when implemented, will improve the health, nutrition and/or developmental outcomes for infants and young children. The board is particularly looking for practical solutions that can be easily and rapidly implemented on a broad scale with a predictable time frame to clinical application.

Major target areas for research include:

  • New diagnostic tools that may be more rapid, more specific, more sensitive, less invasive
  • New treatment regimens that are improved or novel, less stressful or painful, more targeted, have fewer side effects, provide optimal dosing
  • Symptom relief
  • Preventative measures
  • Assessment of deficiencies or excesses (vitamins, minerals, drugs, etc.)
  • Risk assessment tools or measures for environmental hazards, trauma, etc.

Note that the Foundation is looking for projects that will result in ‘new’ information, treatments or tools that will result in a change in practice. The board rarely funds projects that are focused on sharing current information with parents or caregivers (parent or provider educational programs).