Pediatric Nutrition

These programs respond to a long-time interest of the Foundation in assuring adequate nutrition for infants and young children. Projects include applied research that evaluates the provision of specific nutrients and their related outcomes in infants and young children.

Typical projects funded in this area of interest may include projects aimed at:

  • Benefits or side effects of supplementation of a specific nutrient
  • Effects of deficiencies or excesses of a specific nutrient
  • Timing and dosing of supplementation
  • Issues related to general growth and feeding

Recent projects include:

Jonathan Levin, MD
Boston Children’s Hospital

$349, 885 over 3 years to study postpyloric versus gastric feedings to improve pulmonary outcomes in high-risk preterm infants

Katja Gist, DO
Children’s Hospital Medical Center

$350,000 over 3 years for study on nutrition during new dialysis techniques

Rebecca Hill, PhD, DNP, FNP-C
MGH Institute of Health Professions

$30,000 over 2 years for study exploring maternal and infant feeding symptoms for mothers breastfeeding infants with tongue-tie

Lindsay Ellsworth, MD
University of Michigan

$349,788 over 3 years for study of breastmilk and body composition with development of the gut microbiome