Applying for a West Michigan Grant

Proposal Requirements

The following information will be needed as you complete your grant proposal.

Grants under $2,000 have a shortened application process based on the amount entered.

Project Information

  • Project description (Upload as a pdf)
  • Goals and objectives (overall goals and measurable objectives)
  • Statement of need and issue being addressed (why is this program important and how will it create the change needed)
  • Target population
  • Methodology (expected activities)
  • Expected impact and outcomes (long and short term)
  • Evaluation plan with measures for assessing project impact and outcomes
  • Involvement of other community organizations and description of their involvement

Other information to be filled in:

  • Start and End dates of project
  • Nature of project (one-time or ongoing)
  • Plan for acknowledging Foundation support

Organization Information

  • Mission
  • Brief description of current programs, activities, and populations served (demographics and numbers)
  • Annual organizational budget

Budget Information

  • Line item budget, including any in-kind support for the project
  • Line item sources of income to cover the anticipated expenses

Required Attachments

  • Board roster with names and affiliations (Upload pdf)
  • Most recent annual report, if applicable (Upload pdf)
  • Letters of support from collaborating organizations or organizations with key input or interest in the project (Upload pdf)

Optional Items (Upload pdf)

  • Relevant news articles
  • Organizational newsletters
  • Any other data you wish to be considered

While requests for capital projects are seldom made, you may contact the Foundation to discuss your need for support and guidance on your request.